Leading platform of the food and beverage industry in Mexico

About Us

KUA MEX FOODS S.A.P.I. de C.V. is created by the initiative of an outstanding group of executives with a wide experience in food and beverage industries. Together, the partners bring more than 100 years of experience; where they’ve found an unattended gap in this industry.

KUA MEX FOODS strategically invests and develops attractive companies that exhibit growth potential from the food and beverage industry. This is accomplished by anticipating a scales synergy development between our Portafolio.

"We increase the efficiency of business management, distribution channels and leverage economies of scale related."


Identifying companies and brands

We identify companies and brands with innovative features and with growth potential to increase the value of the Platform. We are interested in companies within the food and beverage industry that offer healthy products, as well as the gourmet market sector.


Profit earning capacity

In KUA MEX FOODS we consolidate operations within the group companies. This way, we standardise processes, we lower costs, we find synergies between companies to improve yields and we leverage distribution channels. With the objective of increasing the performance of the company.



We build and develop brands, with the objective of being recognized by consumers, to increase sales and to increase traffic in different offline/online channels. We provide capital to the companies of our portfolio. Their ability to expand into international markets is limited. KUA FOODS MEX and its investors export to United States and the rest of the world; healthy, recognized and high quality Mexican products.

Healthy Portfolio

"We invite our consumers to lead a conscious lifestyle through natural, practical and healthy products."



Nopalia produces and markets health products through the industrialization of the cactus. The cactus produces highly nutritious food, it’s low in calories and high in fiber too. This cactus helps us to reduce body weight and to maintain low blood sugar levels. Nopalia is the perfect substitute for corn. Tortillas, chips, toasts and churritos are some of the products elaborated by Nopalia.


Nopalitoz is a company that markets and produces derivative cactus products such as: dehydrated cactus with chili, cactus flaxseed and cooked cactus. They produce supplements that contain cactus fiber; making them a low calorie healthy source of fiber and nutrients.


FruitCorp is a company dedicated to process and distribute healthy snacks, with a wide variety of products for all tastes. Within its portfolio they feature classic snacks made with dried fruits, nuts and seeds, snacks covered with coconut, chocolate and yogurt, snack mixes, spicy snacks and more

Frutos de Vida

Frutos de Vida is a company that is concerned on the well being of their consumers by providing natural and healthy juices with high amount of nutrients. They produce 100% natural juices without added sugars, flavorings or preservatives. Apples, oranges, mangoes and blackberries are some of the ingredients in our smoothies and pouches.

Gourmet portfolio

"We count with a portfolio of companies and brands that meet the needs of the gourmet healthy market."


L'atelier du Chocolat

L’atelier du Chocolat is a company focused on the gourmet chocolate market. They develop and produce a wide variety of chocolates with the best raw materials in the market; using 100% Belgian chocolate. Some of their products are: filled, solid chocolates, and exclusive collections.

Grupo Novelda

Grupo Novelda imports European gourmet products. The Company’s products are certified with the TIF quality seal. Novelda exclusively distributes a wide range of renowned European brands. Within it’s portfolio we can find serrano ham, Spanish, Italian and French sausages, European wines, cheeses, foie gras, canned goods, among other gourmet delights.


Netmar is leader in the import and sale of fresh and frozen seafood products. It’s wide distribution covers hotels, restaurants and cafes throughout Mexico. Netmar remains at the forefront of research and development in 100% seafood. Always aiming to guarantee fresh and the highest quality of seafood products. Some of the products Netmar offers are: Tilapia, squid, king crab and more.


Salsas Lucero is a brand that produces Chipotle peppers and salsas. With more than 50 years in the market they produce spicy Chipotle peppers, pickled peppers, marinated peppers and a wide range of salsas for export. Some of their products are: Serrano pepper sauce, Ranchera sauce, mango and Guajillo pepper sauce, blackberry and Chipotle pepper sauce, among others.

Del Norte Foods

Del Norte Foods is an important distributor of Mexican food and beverage products established in San Antonio, Texas. Del Norte Foods covers a broad portfolio of Mexican products such as: Barcel, Vero, Ricolino, Coronado, Charras, Frutos de Vida, among others. They offer Direct Store Delivery (DSD); today this is an important benefit for customers and suppliers.


Alira is company focused on frozen foods and sauces in Mexico. Alira mainly distributes to the food service industry. Alira produces and distributes ready-to-eat prepared beans, sauces, peppers and soups. Due to their slow freezing process of the beans; they retain all their nutrients and traditional flavor. These products don’t contain any preservatives nor additives.


" One of the keys to succeed is our team’s commitment and a high level of experience. Our team of experts has been in contact with the food and beverage industry for over 100 years."

We urge innovative companies with growth potential.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In KUA we carry out operations under a corporate governance structure and within a framework of environmental care, health and safety for our employees.

We comply with a Code of Ethics and Sustainability Policy that outlines the principles on which our business model is based on. This code establishes our commitment to comply with the applicable national legislation and our adherence to the Standards of Environmental and Social Performance issued by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

We promote through our actions, development and welfare of the communities where we operate. Our philosophy is to contribute with the promotion of corporate social responsibility within the business enviroment of Mexico.

Empresa social